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Ensuring student success is everyone’s job:  schools, parents & communities.

In over 200 communities across 27 states, we work closely with schools, social services, businesses and thousands of volunteers to get young people what they need to learn and grow: mentors and tutors, after-school help, even family services to stabilize the home. Without these basic supports, kids in need or at-risk are far less likely to succeed and grow into productive adults.

Getting kids what they need, when they need it

Children are individuals with very individualized needs. Our school-site coordinators respond quickly, on a case-by-case basis to get kids what they need — when they need it. Help can be as simple as providing eyeglasses to a child in need or as intensive as ongoing medical attention; it all depends on the child.

Proven, Evidence-based Strategy

Communities In Schools: the only dropout prevention program in the nation proven to increase graduation rates.

Recent third-party findings confirm: Of the many organizations working to improve student outcomes, Communities In Schools, through coordination of services, is proven to be more effective in producing higher graduation rates, and a higher percentage of students reaching proficiency in math and reading.*

Proven Results

Whether through our affiliate end-of-year reports or independent, third-party studies, the results are clear:  Communities In Schools effectively delivers the human, financial and community resources to help children succeed in school.

For our students in Hampton Roads, CIS means connection to:

  •  A quality afterschool program if they go home to an empty house, or a dangerous neighborhood
  • A positive role model if they have never had one, or desire additional support
  • Academic support if the traditional educational program does not fit their needs
  • Home support if there are challenges within their home
  • A team to encourage them if they choose not to come to school
  • In-school or at-home treatment if they have challenges with their behavior
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Our Superintendents

It is Because of Our District Level Leadership That We Are Able To Do Our Great Work!


“I look forward to expanding CIS in Hampton City Schools.  This is a program that works, with results that are clearly identifiable and attributable,” said Hampton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Linda Shifflette. “I can certainly say that without the support of CIS we would not be making the strides that we are as a school division in improving our graduation rate.”

Without the constant support of our Superintendents, Communities In Schools of Hampton Roads would not be able do the great work that it does.  We appreciate their support and continue to be strong advocates for their innovation and success within their respective districts.

“The presence of a CIS program in our high schools will be a welcomed and effective asset to our efforts in assisting all of our students to attain a diploma,” said Portsmouth Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Stuckwisch. “While all of our high schools are making significant progress in increasing graduation rates, additional graduation specialists provided by CIS will help our at-risk students navigate the many obstacles in both their personal and scholastic lives that threaten their success.”

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